Friday, September 20, 2013

Death - the reset button

Electricity went off at amable centre. For some reason, the UPS was not able to support the modem. Priya went and reset the UPS and it started working. We joked that Microsoft should patent "reset methodology". It works almost everywhere starting from computers to mobiles to UPS to individuals. I sometimes wonder if I were GOD or at least in GOD's team of designing life, what would I do differently? One thought I had was - would I make death (and hence, aging) a part of life? Given that it gives one of the extreme pains of separation. As I thought further, I could justify Mr GOD. The amount of conditioning we go through, we require a reset button. It's hard for me to imagine what would happen to me if I never die? Life would become so juiceless. I will get a longer life to work. I am assuming no aging since no death. But, the fun would be that I would hardly do any work since I would predict the results of every possible action based on my pile of beliefs. It amuses me that so many mythology stories and cartoon stories show the villian aspiring to never die. Poor villian. Does he know what he would loose if the precious reset button is lost!!!